Andy Weisberg
Professional Speaker, Consultant, Trainer
Focusing on Humor, Change, Creativity and Leadership
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Unique Approach
There are two things that make Andy Weisberg stand out from other professional speakers:
His background and his perspective.

Few presenters can claim to have been both a professional performer and a professional businessman. Andy spent 18 years as a successful actor, director, college theater teacher and performance consultant, and then spent another 18 years as a successful corporate trainer and Director of Talent Development.

His deep understanding of the importance of personal and professional development allows him to make an impact in the Business of Doing Art and the Art of Doing Business. With knowledge, creativity, adaptability, and cooperation as the cornerstones of his work, his perspective is singular and exceptional.

Flexibility is key, and an essential element of both his presentations and his speaking fees: When you hire Andy to speak at your event, his presentation AND his fee will both be based directly on your needs.