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Laid Off and Crazy Happy
- Memoirs of a Houseband
At a time when you’re stressed out or unhappy at work, wishing you had more time with your family, or even struggling with having recently been laid off, being happy would be at a premium. And if that is true, being “crazy happy” would be priceless.

For those dealing with any of these things, take heart. There’s help, and it’s both easier and more fun than you might think to turn it around. Andy Weisberg can show you how.

Can you imagine:
  • Having more fun, more of the time?
  • Having more time (well, actually more focused time)?
  • Doing even the most mundane tasks with passion and playfulness?
  • Transforming your work life?
  • Becoming a happier, more attractive person?
If you can’t, then this is the book for you. Having completely transformed his own life three times, Andy is the perfect guide to help you find your way to your own crazy happiness. You can learn to use the joy that can be found in any situation to move forward into the life you really want, and be more of the person you really are.
“Laid Off and Crazy Happy” can make a dramatic change in the way you do what you do, whatever it is. Andy is dedicated to helping those that are struggling or unhappy with the things they don’t need to be. Written as a memoire, he chronicles his most recent transformation from corporate executive to “Houseband” with humor and clarity, detailing the ups and downs of the journey and his unique perspective for dealing with it all. Chapters range from routine housekeeping tasks to the nature of time and space, and some especially valuable ideas on work and play. With plenty of exercises for you to try, anyone can benefit from Andy’s useful advice and demonstrated example. For those of you who find yourselves spending more and more time at home, either as a result of a layoff or by choice, this is the quintessential guidebook for enjoying it to the fullest.

In this powerful book by Andy Weisberg, you will learn how he has perfected the life of living and working from home, being a husband and a great father, and taking care of the duties of running a household. Andy provides you with a hilarious road map to the lifestyle and the freedom you can experience as a result of becoming a “Houseband.” I loved every word of this book and you will, too.
- Patrick Snow, international best-selling author of “Creating Your Own Destiny” and “The Affluent Entrepreneur”

“Laid Off & Crazy Happy” is a supreme example of taking the reins of your life into your hands to control your destiny. Follow Andy Weisberg’s joyful formula and turn your feelings of failure into fun, excitement and freedom.”
- Susan Friedmann, CSP, international best-selling author of “Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market”, and many other titles.

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